Watch Awkward Season 5 Episode 5 Online

Watch Awkward Season 5 Episode 5 Online In each episode the same old song, Tamara Jenna promises she will break with her fiancé because they are too young to get married. However, the schoolgirl did not seem able to do it and seems worse each time. Indeed, in episode 4 of Season 5 of Awkward, Tamara has accepted a second time the marriage proposal of her boyfriend, with this time a real ring worthy of the name. At the Drafting melty, one begins to doubt his intentions to break with the young man and this is not the synopsis of episode 5 will tell us otherwise. In “The Tell Engagement Dinner”, Jenna learns at the last moment, it must organize a party to officially celebrate the betrothal of her best friend.

As you can see on the video promo of the episode 5 of Season 5 of Awkward, Jenna is not thrilled by the news, especially because it begins to say that Tamara will never happen to say her fiance she does not want to marry. Moreover, as every evening Awkward, this small dinner with friends is the place of various settling. Matty and Jake are both guests, and it will accompany Gaby. Will the two best friends finally reconciled? For its part, Gaby could swing home truths to Jenna. One thing is certain, this episode Announces amount of sacred drama, which will certainly be fun to watch. According to you, Tamara does eventually break?

Watch Awkward Season 5 Episode 3 Online Stream

Watch Awkward Season 5 Episode 3 Online The fifth and final season of Awkward continues its path on MTV. After a first season that has plunged us as it was in crossed and quirky humor of the series, the second episode of the season began the intrigues of the upcoming episodes. Indeed, thanks to a wrong movement of Jenna, the school had to be closed for a day, propelling it to the rank of person slightly appreciated. So we proposed you to discover our Top of August 2015 Series, the American channel MTV has unveiled the trailer of the next episode of Awkward, which will air next Monday in the US, and you can view without delay below.

In “Jenna In Wonderland”, our heroine finally will taste the popularity while Matty, he sees his declining more and more. Since his altercation with Jake, her best friend, nothing goes, and students are beginning to tire of it which was previously the star of the high school. For his part, Jake, will get a new student Ally while organizing a “sex toy party” at her home. We already imagine dialogue and memorable scenes of this episode! Until its release, find the program melty series of the week! What do you expect from the next episode? Awkward Season 5 Episode 3

Watch Awkward Season 5 Episode 2 Online Stream

Watch Awkward Season 5 Episode 2 Online Life continues its course in high school in Palo Hills where Jenna has not finished making mistakes. Moreover, this new episode that will air on MTV, entitled “Short Circuit Party,” Jenna will demonstrate its legendary clumsiness, except that this time, this may well make it popular! Indeed, Jenna cause an accident resulting in a power failure from high school, in fact, classes are canceled for the day and all students will enjoy a relaxing day. As you can see on the video promo of episode 2 of season 5 of Awkward, Jenna will be acclaimed by his comrades and then will suddenly part of the popular people. Does it will last long? Anyway, Tamara seems determined to enjoy the occasion. What a crazy idea Jenna’s best friend, she will still have?

Awkward season 5 episode 2

Meanwhile, tension is always meeting between Jake and Matty, after he had discovered that his best friend had sex with his girlfriend Gabby, in episode 1 of season 5 of Awkward. Nothing goes between the two friends, even if, in practice, this is not the first time they are fighting for a lady. In fact, this story is not without reminding us the beginning of the series when Jenna had to choose between the two boys. Jake and Matty will they eventually reconcile? Also, not sure Matty is very pleased that Jenna knew and she did not tell him about Jake and Gabby. Moreover, while everyone celebrating Jenna, Matty will also be appreciated that it is not the popular guy of high school. Decidedly, this episode is not likely to be the most joyful for our handsome. According to you, Matty will he forgive Jake? Awkward S05E02 Watch Online

Awkward Season 5 Episode 1 News, Spoiler

Yesterday in the day, MTV finally unveiled the first trailer of season 5 of Awkward! With these new images, we were able to get an idea of ​​what these look like new episodes. Today, the chain has unveiled the detailed synopsis of this new season that promises to be fun! In Season 5 Awkward, which will air in two parts, which will consist of 24 episodes.

Awkward Season 5 Episode 1

All good series must (unfortunately) have an end. While MTV currently broadcasts in France and the United States the fourth season of Awkward, the chain announced that the series will be renewed for a good season 5. Unfortunately, this fifth season of Awkward, broadcast on MTV in 2015, will also the last. Awkward Season 5 Episode 1

Meltynautes, Jenna, Matty, Tamara, Jake, Sadie and all others are soon back on MTV for new episodes! But beware, you will enjoy it because this fifth season will also be the last in the series, as we had indicated the chain during the renewal of Awkward last October. As we informed you that the little sister of Awkward, Faking It has been renewed for a third season, the American channel MTV has unveiled the first promotional video of Season 5 of Awkward. Without further ado, you can discover the first images of this new component, which will, we hope, will be as hilarious as the first!

So the next August 31 will be launched as the new season of Awkward. As usual, the series will be split into two parts with the first part of next season our favorite characters before their graduation and preparation of each before admission to the University. Pending the return of the series for these new episodes, find all melty US hearings last week and find out how to outputs are your favorite shows! What do you expect this season?

Awkward Season 5-The trailer for the new season finally unveiled

Awkward Season 5-The trailer for the new season finally unveiled. On August 31 Awkward is finally back on MTV for a fifth and final season! Yes, this fifth season, which will consist of 24 episodes, will also be the last where we can follow Jenna Tamara Saddie or Matty! A page will turn, but before to say goodbye, we will have to taste these new episodes. And while we offered you to discover a first promo video Awkward Season 5, the American channel MTV has finally unveiled a trailer immersing ourselves in this final season. To discover below. In this fifth installment, there are only a few weeks of classes in high school, and Jenna and his friends should enjoy it thoroughly! Each of our characters already knows what he will do next year but there has to be a sense of “anything can happen” floating in the air. Watch Awkward Season 5 Online

Watch Awkward Season 5 Online
This new season will be packed full of important events for Terminales such as terminal jokes, prom and graduation. But Jenna will have to decide once and for all if she and Matty are destined to be together or not … With school ending and each person heading a different direction, the second part of the season will surge in the times a year, during the summer between their first year and second year of college, in Palos Hills … See you on August 31 for the season 5 Awkward, like the rest of the season 2 Faking It, which you can find new spoilers about it! What do you expect the return of Awkward?

Awkward Season 5 Premiere and First Promo

Awkward Season 5 Air in 31 August 2015. As announced by MTV there a few months, the series carried by Ashley Rickards and Beau Mirchoff will end shortly after the broadcast of Season 5. A fifth season that unfolds with the first trailer. So Matty he will unveil his feelings for Jenna? First trailer for the end of Watch Awkward Season 5 Online

Watch Awkward Season 5 Online

No, there are not that Revenge who will soon be leaving television screens. After 5 seasons, Awkward will also end on MTV. The final season will be launched on August 31 and will (perhaps) that a reunion for Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and Matty (Beau Mirchoff). At the end of season 4, Matty realized he still had feelings for her ex. But if you expect a rapid reconciliation, we have to wait. As seen in the trailer (to find in our slideshow), he should spend some time as the young man reveals his feelings. The program for this last season? Nudity, a popular Jenna, difficulties in friendship with Jake and Matty or a prom that promises unforgettable.A leap in time to predict

But Awkward Season 5 will not only follow the end of the high school of our favorite characters. Indeed, the second half of the season will take place one year after the delivery of Jenna and other degrees. What give us new characters after their first year of college.

Awkward Season 5 Official Trailer